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Management and strategy consulting for companies in the Middle East

Much of the economic strength in the Middle East is driven by large, family-owned businesses that quite often partner with international companies. While those companies have been successful in the past, they are increasingly faced with questions about how they need to adapt to future challenges.

Some of the questions that come up and need to be addressed are:
  • Is today’s portfolio adequate for the market of tomorrow?
  • Is there full transparency in the operations and financials?
  • Is there the corporate governance framework that is increasingly needed to operate in collaboration with multinational players?
  • Is there a strategy for the generational transition of management?

Our portfolio in this area focuses on :

  • Developing and implementing business strategies
  • Conducting business assessments and reviews
  • Developing and implementing business processes
  • Optimizing sales setups and structures
  • Analyzing and developing Corporate Governance frameworks
  • Developing and implementing compliance guidelines
  • Change management projects
  • Integration and carve-out projects
  • Developing and implementing HR Strategies and training concepts
  • Crisis management
  • Communication Strategies
  • Provision of external board of directors members
  • Advisory role during interaction and negotiations with multinationals